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My First Ladyboy Sex

This is how I came to relalise that cupid is an asian ladyboy, not a cherub. It all started in a bar two weeks ago. I was certain I was going to get lucky that night, I had been talking to this girl for half an hour and she was showing all the right signs, laughing at my unfunny jokes, holding eye contact, touching my arm. It was on…until. “Great choice Tommy, I’d definatley have a threesome with her, do you want ass or pussy.” It was my ‘best friend’ Bill, he had always had a thing for me but since I was strait nothing ever happened, we just carried on being buddies. Except of course that it had now become a running joke of his to fuck up my chances with any girls.

Once again I watched as the beautiful girl I could have been shagging looked at us in disgust before storming out of the bar. “Looks like it just a twosome tonight then Tommy, what do you say”
“Knock it off Bill” I said and ordered two more beers, “When are you gonna stop doing that”
“When you get desperate enough to turn gay” He laughed. “Come on when are you going to realise you love cock”
“I don’t have a problem with cock” I sighed “you know I like getting my ass filled.” He knew because he had been sending me butt plugs and dildos for the last two years and when I actually tried it I couldn’t deny it felt amazing. “I even quite like the idea of, you know, sucking cock, I just don’t like men.”
“So what your saying is you want one of those Asian ladyboys”
“No, I don’t, I like women so don’t get any ideas” I warned “ Or any surgery”

I thought that was the end of it and put it out of my mind. The next week Bill called me with some news from his office. He had to go on a business trip, to Thailand. I offered him congratulations and told him I was jealous but that wasn’t all. He was aloud to take his wife with him. “You don’t have a wife”, “I know but for some reason everyone at my office might be under the impression we had a gay wedding, someone even photoshoped pictures, you looked so handsom, anyway you can either be mad at me or…you can come to Thailand for free.” It was an easy decision.

We arived at our hotel in the great country of Thailand, home of the Bangcock ladyboys and the Thai sweet chilli. My suspisions were raised when I discovered not only was there only one room but there was only one kingsized bed but Bill assured me we had to have this room because we were ‘married.’ “As long as your not going to trying to fuck me” I warned.
“I promise I have no intention of fucking you tonight, as a sign of good will and to make up for all the girls I’ve chased away from you I’ve even ordered you a hooker, there so cheap over here.”

I thought he was joking but 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door and in stepped a shy looking Thia lady who said her name was Adung. She was very petite, about 5”1 with a slender figure and tiny waste, all except her boobs which looked massive on her tiny frame, easily D-cup and so round and firm they ahd to be fake, but I didn’t care she was stunning. She was dressed asa school girl, long white socks, short plait skirt that showed of her lovely smooth legs and a tight white blouse that didn;t stand a chance at containing her huge boobs which spilled out of the top.

It turns out she was so shy either, with in second her boobs were release and swinging in the air as she walked towards me and drew me into a passionate kiss. I reached round and groped her tight little ass, pulling her closer so her boobs crushed against my chest. “You wanna make fuck on bed?” She slurred. Yes please.

I lay on my back as she started undressing me, I was a little currious what Bill was still doing in the room, but he had seen me naked before and I was sure he would leave soon. I soon forgot all about it as Adung slipped off my boxers and started sucking away at my cock. It didn’t take long before I was on the verge of blowing my load and so when she moved her lips up to the very base of my cock sending me right down her throat I was powerless to stop myself spraying my load striat down into her stomach.

She smiled, cum leaking from her lips and crawled up the bed so we we face to face. “You like it, I suck your cock.” I nodded. “You have nice cock taste good.” she said and pulled me into another passioante kiss, swapping my semen back and forth between us. “Taste good, you like?” I nodded again. She moved so she was stradaling my face. “Then maybe” She said lifting up her skirt “You want to suck my cock.”

Underneath her skirt her panties were bulging at the seams trying to hold in a monster of a dick.
This wasn’t just a ladyboy, this was a ladyman. Before I knew what I was doing I found myself tearing off the panties and within seconds I had my lips locked round her stiff bell end sucking for all my worth. I grabbed her tight feminine ass and pulled her in closer sending her huge cock right down my throat as she had done. I didn’t have any experience and started gagging on its massive width.

“You no like my cock?” She said sounding offended “Ungrateful American, I punish you” with that she moved down the bed lifted my legs up and spread them apart so they were dangling in the air, my ass open and vulnerable, my cock already hard again. I looked up at her beautiful face concentrating as she took aim before filling me with he moster cock and fucking me hard. He hips thrusted forward and back with suck force that her tits were swinging wildly through the air. I could hear Bill moaning and looked over to see him wanking, completely naked, watching my ass get filled by this chick with a dick.

I was in ecstasy from the moment she entreredmy tight ass, stretching me to the max, until she balsted her hot load deep into my bowels and I felt the warm gooey cum slidding about inside me.
After that Me and Bill got a lot closer and eventually we did end up getting married so I’d like to thank Adung for helping me ind love (and giving me the fucking of my life)

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