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I arrived to Thailand

I moved to Thailand because I love Asian girls. I get hard just thinking about their little petite bodies and broken English! I was working in the front desk of a major hotel in Ayuthaya so I could meet people from all around the world. I’d met women here before who I guess liked my uniform and would sometimes invite me up to their rooms for some alternative ‘room service’.
Last week I saw one of the sexiest petite Asian women I’d ever laid my eyes on. She eyed me off a few times as she filled in the check-in form at the front desk and I handed her a room key. Her beautiful, shiny, long black hair shimmered in the foyer light. She had gorgeous blue eyes and was wearing a low-cut top so I could partially see her cleavage. I was the only person manning the desk since it was the nightshift and we usually only get people checking in during the day. She asked for her luggage to be delivered to her room, and as we don’t have porters on shift at that time of the night, I offered to take her bags up for her. She thanked me, smiled, and left for her room.
I arrived at her door after putting an unattended sign up on the front desk. She opened the door wearing one of the guest dressing gowns and pointed behind her where she wanted her luggage. I heard the door close behind me as I was unloading the trolley. I turned around and saw her standing there with little more than a black lacy bra and matching panties. The dressing gown was in a heap on the floor.
She walked over and kissed me on the lips, then unzipped my pants and knelt down on the floor. After flopping out my dick, which was already half up after her dressing gown incident, she started sucking on it. First she put it all in her mouth, deep-throating my dick with her cute little Asian mouth, munching it like she’d been craving big white sausages for months, then pumped the shaft with her hand and kept her mouth over my throbbing head. I gripped the luggage trolley when she found a good spot with her tongue.
I pulled her up so I could grab her breasts – I needed a grope. They were firm and sat perfectly rounded in her lacy bra. I pulled her in close, grabbed her ass with both hands and heard her moan loud like I’d just pushed a button! “Awesome! She likes her butt getting attention” I thought, hoping it would go further in that direction.
We relocated to the bed and she removed her bra. I sucked her nipples, one at a time, and noticed how erect they were. I thought I’d test the boundaries and put my hand down her panties in between her butt cheeks. She moaned even more! I pushed on her ass hole with my middle finger to see how she would react! She whispered in my ear her ass was tingling and she’d love to me to rim her. My heart jumped as I thought “this is fucking awesome!”
I’m an “ass” guy. I’ve fucked a lot of Asian girls and loved finding girls who didn’t mind a good ass fucking. It was rare, but poking a lubed-up tight ass when she’s bent over in front of me was better than pussy. That’s where I started getting a fetish for Asian ladyboys.
I saw a bulge in her panties that I didn’t remember being there before. She mentioned she had a surprise in her panties and hoped I wouldn’t mind. She pulled her panties down and exposed her big cock! My eyes widened. “YES!” I said to myself. She was an Asian ladyboy and well endowed at that! I’d come across Asian ladyboys a few times before which helped me fulfill a few long-time fantasies of sucking a “chick’s” dick! I grabbed her ladyboy ass and turned her around, bending her over and licking her ass hole like she’d dripped honey on it and I needed a sugar-rush! She moaned, grabbing her big katoey cock and pumping it in her hand. She loved what I did to her ass!
I wanted my hard cock in her Asian shemale ass! I found some lube beside the bed and put it on her hole, pushing my finger into her ass to get it lubed inside. I pushed my cock forward and watched it disappear into her ass slowly. She screamed with delight and I knew she wanted more. I’d only had ladyboy sex a few times and this time it was even better! This Thai ladyboy had a tight ass and after less than a minute I was already getting close to cumming from her tensing her butt muscles! I pushed my cock deep inside and reached for her round tits hanging from her chest as she bent over in front of me. I put one hand in front of her legs and started pulling on her cock. I started pushing my cock in and out of her tight Asian ladyboy ass again when I felt I wasn’t as close anymore. She cried out something in Thai, I don’t know what it was but I could feel her ladyboy cock throbbing in my hands.
I let her cock go and she took over wanking. Grabbing her hips, I rammed her tight ladyboy ass faster and faster – the hardest Asian ladyboy sex I’d ever had. I heard her scream in delight as white cum squirted out of her cock onto the bed. As she relaxed, she told me, in what little English she knew, she wanted me to cum on her face. This chick was perfect! I’d been craving this sort of kinky shit for months! I told her when my cock was ready to explode and pulled my cock out of her ass. She turned around and looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes and said “cum on my face” in her cute Thai accent. I grabbed her silky black hair and cried out as my sticky, warm white cum sprayed all over her face! She opened her mouth and sucked my cock head, swallowing the last of my cum. She licked her lips to get more of my man juice into her mouth before lying back on her bed, rubbing my cum over her tits.
She handed me a towel and looked at the clock beside the bed. I wiped my cock with the towel, still kneeling on the bed.
”You go back to work now,” the sticky-faced ladyboy said in broken English, nodding, “thank you for fun. I need to sleep for early start tomorrow.”
With that comment, she got up and went to the bathroom. She started the shower as I started getting dressed. I finished unloading the trolley, took one last look at the bed where all the crazy Asian ladyboy sex had just happened, and left the room, back to the front desk to finish my shift.