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Once a year I visit Thailand on business. I usually stay in a fancy hotel and visit the red-light district in Bangkok on at least one of the nights I’m there. The red-light district always has some of the hottest Asian girls to come out of Thailand so I always go there for a visit to give my cock its Asian fix. This last visit was one of a kind.
I’d gone down one of the main streets where the girls work their magic late on a Tuesday night, just after a great business deal had gone down in the office. I wanted to celebrate in my own style. I came across this absolutely stunning brown haired Thai girl with the most amazing body. She was wearing a short leather skirt and a black PVC bikini top. She had a little black coat on over the top and long leather boots. She told me how much her services would be per hour and I was very keen. I told her about the hotel I was staying at so we agreed to go back there. I love the exchange rate with my own currency – makes the services here very cheap indeed!
We got into the hotel room and she took off her coat, leaving it on the chair near the door. She asked me if I wanted anything kinky or just the regular blowjob sort of deal. I asked her what she meant by kinky. I needed some balance in my life. I’d always wanted to have my own dominatrix to tell me what a naughty boy I’ve been and told her this. She smiled, took out a whip from her bag and told me to take off my clothes. I said “yes ma’am”.
She snapped back. ”NOW! Hurry up you stupid little white man”
That sounded kinky. It was already getting me randy. This petite Thai girl was telling me, a six foot man in a business suit, what to do. I started unbuttoning my shirt. She frowned and stomped over to me and said “NO that’s too slow!” and pulled my shirt open, popping several buttons off and making them going flying. She was definitely in character and doing a fucking good job. My cock was getting hard.
She told me to bend over and started spanking me with the whip telling me how useless I am and how I deserve every lashing I get. I loved it! I looked behind me and saw her take off her skirt. She turned around and showed me she had a dick! I wasn’t sure if it was a strap-on or not at first because it looked like she may have either added a toy to her panties or removed part of her panties, like a convenience hole some designer underwear have these days. Anyway, I thought it was fucking hot that a chick that sexy could have a dick. She walked over to me lifted up her nose like a naughty mistress and grabbed my head.
”Suck my cock, white boy! Suck it until I tell you you can stop!” and rammed my head forwards to her pelvis. Yep! This was a full blown Asian shemale and this dominating ladyboy was making me suck her dick. She pushed her dick further in and I gagged and pulled back “I did not tell you you could stop stupid white boy!” and I went at her dick again. This was invigorating. I was feeling balance again because I was getting brought back down to Earth and I had a mouthful of dick too!
She pulled her dick out of my mouth and told me to come with her into the bathroom because she needed to teach me a lesson. The raunchy Thai ladyboy took the lube with her and leaned over the basin.
”Take off my panties, naughty boy” so I did, as instructed, with my teeth.
She told me to put a condom on and handed me one. She lubed up her ass and told me to put my fingers inside her. I slowly inserted my fingers, one at a time, until her Thailand ladyboy ass was relaxed enough I reckon I could fit my dick in her hole!
”You are now going to fuck me up the ass!” She demanded.
”I’m not sure if I like anal to be honest” I told her as I’d never fucked anyone up the ass before.
”It was not a question!” So I followed the dominating Asian ladyboy’s instructions and started pushing my dick into her anus. It was tight and felt like the perfect amount of pressure I use on myself when I’m tossing off. I like it tight and it’s hard to find a pussy this tight. She told me to go faster and push further in. By this stage the ladyboy was naked and was pulling on her nipples as I fucked her from behind. I had always wondered with it would be like to have Asian ladyboy sex with such an awesome looking ladyboy!
”Grab my cock” she told me, “I want you to toss me off while you fuck my ass”. So I leaned forwards and reached for her dick. I pulled it in time with my ass fucking her kathoey ass so we’d both feel like we’re fucking. I craved her tight ladyboy ass and think it was that night I got converted into a full-blown ass lover! I could tell she was enjoying it to just by how she was moaning and breathing heavily.
”Ok, cowboy, time to pull out” she directed me. I pulled out of her ass and she turned around and made me kneel. This seductive Asian ladyboy came all over my face then rubbed her cum around with her cock. Her cum was so warm and smelled sweet!
The kinky ladyboy’s mood changed instantaneously and she smiled that sweet smile she gave me when I first saw her on the street. She rolled the condom off my dick and led me to the bed where she gave me a fucking crazy blowjob. I’ve never had a chick suck my dick like that! The best blowjob I’ve ever had. She held the base of my dick with one hand and bounced her mouth up and down my dick, occasionally pulling it out and licking my shaft. I gripped the sheets on the bed and shot a massive load from my dick all over her perfect, perky tits! She kept pumping my dick with her hand until I laid on the bed, enjoying the aftermath of her amazing ladyboy sex skills!
She went into my bathroom and had a shower. I needed a smoke so left the money on the bed and went out onto the balcony until that amazing Thai ladyboy dick magician left. Best fucking night ever!

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