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I was out on the town with my new found lady friends, we were just girl looking for fun, well all except me. I was a post op ladyboy with a beautiful new face and a lovely pair of fake tits looking for fun. No one in our group knew except my friend Hannah who I knew before I got the operation and as a favour she agreed to introduce me to her girlfriends as her cousin.

All was going well, we we’re having drinks in a downtown bar, I was loving the feeling of my silk underwear and I knew I was looking hot in my short tube dress because there was more than one guy was giving me the eye. I was smiling and a guy, he was smiling back when suddenly I heard tone of conversation change and turned my attension back to the table.

A challenge had been thrown down, Bell had complained that Hannah was too frigid and she had responded by betting $200 the she would blow the next guy to walk into the mens room. She put her money on the table and there was a hush until Bell called her buff and pulled out money of her own. We waited with baited breath to see who would enter the bathroom next.

We didn’t have to wait long, a guy came in off the street and headed strait for the bathroom, he was looking very dishevelled, wearing one shoe and carrying the other his belt was undone as was his shirt underneath which nestles a ripped 6-pac. He was hot.

All the girls giggled and laughed as Hannah slipped of her seat and headed for the bathroom dragging me with her as an independent witness. We entered the men’s room without hesitation, we knew he was the only one in there. He was just putting on his other shoe when Hannah spoke to him. “Hay stranger, what have you been up too?” he explained he had been kicked out of his girlfriends flat nearby and he came in to get dressed. Se got on her knees if maybe he would like to get undressed again for her.

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He thought about it but told her in the nicest possible way that his girlfriend would be looking for him and he better get off but he would love to meet us later, he gave us a card with his address on it an 11 o’clock written on the back and left. Hannah started getting up but I pushed her back down again. “We still have a bet to win” I said pulling out my cock from my panties “They won;t know its not his cum”.

Hannah gave me a devilish grin and started boobing up an down faster and faster, using her hand to jack my shaft. “OOOh I’m close” I moaned and she jack me faster pulling her head back until I shot my ladyboy load all over her face, the first landing over her left eye the others went strait into her mouth. I snapped a quick pic on my phone and Hannah cleaned up and we went back to our table to claim our money.

“You filthy slut” Bell said as she stared at the picture of Hannah’s cum covered face before handing her the money. Soon after that a girl looking equally dishevelled came into the bar obviously looking for someone and I called her over to the table and asked her if she was looking for a man giving her a description.

She explained that she was, he had forced her to have anal sex then left her on the bed like a cheap whore, she just wanted to humiliate him, make him feel her pain. While the rest of the girls consoled her me and Hannah came up with a plan and told the girl about our meeting at 11 and how to get our revenge.

We knocked on his door and her oppened shirtless and hot as ever though a litle surprised to see 8 women not 2. “Ummm come in he stammered” At first he was disapointed thinking he wasn;t going to be able to sleep with Hannah but he quickly learned that we all meant business and he was going to be the luckiest guy in the world tonight. Soon we had stripped him completely naked lying on his bed, surrounding him, he looked like the happiest guy in the world until two things happened. His ex girlfriend walked in and I pulled out my thick cock.
This gave everyone a shock but they quickly got over it when they realised how perfect our revenge would be.

As I got into position he struggled and fought but we had him pinned down. He tried to shout for help but Hannah quickly shut him up by sitting on his face, grinding her asshole into his mouth. With out bothering to apply lube I put my dick in front of his ass and pushed hard.
The girls whooped and cheered as I gave him a good fucking, some one was even videoing it. After I had sprayed his bowels with my cum he ex girlfriend spat on him and told him if she ever saw him again she would send the video of him being fucked by a ladyboy to all his friends and workmates.

It was an amazing evening but the best part was I got to cum twice and the girls invited me out again next week!

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