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Areeya's World Areeya’s World is a brand spanking new solo ladyboy site. Areeeya is our ladyboy and she is everything that most men dream of in an asian ladyboy. Small delicate very feminine and a blessed with a cock as well to add to the mix. Her’s is a solo girl site and her tour is as enticing as it gets. This is one hot babe and she knows it and she is showing just enough to entrance and entice the lover of delicate asian ladyboys into her site. (more…)


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I was out on the town with my new found lady friends, we were just girl looking for fun, well all except me. I was a post op ladyboy with a beautiful new face and a lovely pair of fake tits looking for fun. No one in our group knew except my friend Hannah who I knew before I got the operation and as a favour she agreed to introduce me to her girlfriends as her cousin.

All was going well, we we’re having drinks in a downtown bar, I was loving the feeling of my silk underwear and I knew I was looking hot in my short tube dress because there was more than one guy was giving me the eye. I was smiling and a guy, he was smiling back when suddenly I heard tone of conversation change and turned my attension back to the table. (more…)

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Online Shemale Dating

‘ladyboy-ann/sam’ has messaged you. Would you like to view this message. Yes. A page of text filled my screen and I began reading. Hay, we’re a couple in your area, Ann and Sam, the lady and the boy …we think your profile was really good and Ann says your hot… thought it would be nice to meet for a drink some time…or if you want we can skip the formalities and you can come round
to our place. This was too good to be true. I responded immediately, ‘yes I would love to’ and arranged a tranny date. (more…)


My First Ladyboy Sex

This is how I came to relalise that cupid is an asian ladyboy, not a cherub. It all started in a bar two weeks ago. I was certain I was going to get lucky that night, I had been talking to this girl for half an hour and she was showing all the right signs, laughing at my unfunny jokes, holding eye contact, touching my arm. It was on…until. “Great choice Tommy, I’d definatley have a threesome with her, do you want ass or pussy.” It was my ‘best friend’ Bill, he had always had a thing for me but since I was strait nothing ever happened, we just carried on being buddies. Except of course that it had now become a running joke of his to fuck up my chances with any girls. (more…)

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Hooking Up with Ladyboys

Once a year I visit Thailand on business. I usually stay in a fancy hotel and visit the red-light district in Bangkok on at least one of the nights I’m there. The red-light district always has some of the hottest Asian girls to come out of Thailand so I always go there for a visit to give my cock its Asian fix. This last visit was one of a kind.
I’d gone down one of the main streets where the girls work their magic late on a Tuesday night, just after a great business deal had gone down in the office. I wanted to celebrate in my own style. I came across this absolutely stunning brown haired Thai girl with the most amazing body. She was wearing a short leather skirt and a black PVC bikini top. She had a little black coat on over the top and long leather boots. She told me how much her services would be per hour and I was very keen. I told her about the hotel I was staying at so we agreed to go back there. I love the exchange rate with my own currency – makes the services here very cheap indeed! (more…)

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A threesome with my GF and Ladyboy

I’ve been with my girlfriend, Karen, for about four years now and my eye has only wondered twice. I’ve never cheated on her but she knows I have always been keen on seeing her getting fucked by a chick while I watch. There’s something about watching a girl getting fucked by another girl with a strap-on, or better yet an Asian ladyboy doing my girlfriend, that gets my cock extra hard very fast. My girlfriend had been interested in experimenting with girls for a couple of years now but we’d never really found a girl we both thought was hot enough or actually willing to play along. Also, we didn’t know any ladyboys so that fantasy was still sitting in limbo.
That was until my girlfriend started her new job and met her latest close friend, Jamie. Jamie was a bubbly, beautiful, toned Asian stunner with a firm looking ass and bouncy breasts I’d sometimes fantasized burying my face between. She had sultry thick eyelashes, blue eyes and lips you know would suck a cock damn hard! Karen had gotten to know Jamie pretty well at work and started inviting her over to our house to work on ‘work projects’ and generally just spend more time together. I thought it was a great chance to maybe get some girl-on-girl action some time so I approached Karen about it. She said she’d casually mentioned it to Jamie and the cute little Asian girl didn’t seem disgusted at all. In fact, Jamie had mentioned she had always wanted to try the same thing and didn’t mind if a guy wanted to watch. (more…)

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I arrived to Thailand

I moved to Thailand because I love Asian girls. I get hard just thinking about their little petite bodies and broken English! I was working in the front desk of a major hotel in Ayuthaya so I could meet people from all around the world. I’d met women here before who I guess liked my uniform and would sometimes invite me up to their rooms for some alternative ‘room service’.
Last week I saw one of the sexiest petite Asian women I’d ever laid my eyes on. She eyed me off a few times as she filled in the check-in form at the front desk and I handed her a room key. Her beautiful, shiny, long black hair shimmered in the foyer light. She had gorgeous blue eyes and was wearing a low-cut top so I could partially see her cleavage. I was the only person manning the desk since it was the nightshift and we usually only get people checking in during the day. She asked for her luggage to be delivered to her room, and as we don’t have porters on shift at that time of the night, I offered to take her bags up for her. She thanked me, smiled, and left for her room. (more…)


Ladyboy Ladyboy

Ladyboy Ladyboy Ladyboy Ladyboy engulfs you in wave of sweet ladyboy flesh from the very first second you enter. This site has their focus fully on the delicate asian shemales and really hits the mark delivering such tender morsels directly to you.
Now, this is strictly a solo ladyboy site and if there is any hardcore in there it is buried deeply. However don’t let that slow you down, as these ladyboys are the most delicate flowers the east has to offer. (more…)

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Ladyboy Pussy

Ladyboy Pussy I’ve seen this site before once, and I always meant to get back to it and check it out, but never made the time, so now we’ll do it together. If you don’t know yet, this site features POST-OP Ladyboys up close and personal (that means Ladyboys, minus the “boys” part). That’s right–now these babes are “true” babes–no cocks anymore! The site looks well designed and appears to be high-quality at first glance, with some nice clear images on the entry page, and lots of text descriptions of the latest updates. (more…)

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Long Mint

Long Mint When this page loaded I actually laughed out loud a little–the top graphic with Mint holding her big tranny cock at gunpoint is just too funny! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before…that shit is gangsta! The site looks like a quality site and is the personal site of popular Asian tranny Mint. If you don’t know who this babe is, you will by the time you check out the preview trailer and see the hot hardcore pics on the first page. (more…)