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Extreme Ladyboys

Extreme Ladyboys When I first saw this site I really thought it was about extremely beautiful ladyboys. Yeah it is. These babes are so sweet so delicate and so perfect it is hard to believe they were not born female. That is until they whip out that huge cock and even then, I had a hard time registering the fact they were not genetic females. Yep you could definitely take one of these babes out anywhere and be the envy of every guy around for the beautiful woman you were with. Or you could pick one up at a restaurant or motel bar and unless she chose to tell you before you get to the room I bet you would be in for a big surprise.
Now, that I have established that these ladyboys though not all Thai, are all extremely beautiful and feminine, the extreme part ends.
The site features a bit of light bondage an occasional rough fuck but otherwise it has little pretenses to extreme except in the beauty and quality of these ladyboys. Which actually should be plenty for most viewers.
The good part is though these ladyboys are extremely beautiful and the action is not extreme it is all hardcore. They are without exception fucking and sucking though it is always the ladyboy who gets the dick. I did not see an episode with any ladyboys doing the fucking. It is still extremely hot stuff and there is plenty of action going on in each and every gallery or movie.

In the picture section there appeared to be one picture set for each movie. However each set was huge some 200 plus photos and all great quality of the action. You won’t miss a single moment of the action with these and no detail is lacking. They also have them in zip format making for super easy download and offline viewing. There were however only 60 odd sets the number grows as they update each week.

The movie section was well laid out and easy to navigate and contained 60+ movies of high quality action. They are also s stunning 40 minutes long on average making them a real value for the number. They are without exception hardcore and as I mentioned above not too extreme but a good variety of suck and fuck with a little bondage here and there. They only come in streaming or WMV format. Though the quality of either format is very good and the movies clear.


For the beauty of the girls alone this site deserves the name extreme ladyboys. If you are looking for serious hardcore dirty and extreme action well this isn’t it. It is great sex with gorgeous ladyboys and a tiny bit of bondage and maybe some rough stuff. The movies are deliciously long and the picture sets huge and high quality. All in all an exceptional site. However because of the number of updates it seems a bit shy in the content department. Couple that last fact with the fact that the first month’s membership is $39.95 (it falls to $29.95 after the first month) then the pricing seems a little high for the value given in my opinion. Extreme Ladyboys has some undeniably sexy ladyboys who are in what can be hardly be termed extreme action. This is a site that will either grab you or it will leave you lukewarm.

Extreme Ladyboys