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Areeya’s World

Areeya's World Areeya’s World is a brand spanking new solo ladyboy site. Areeeya is our ladyboy and she is everything that most men dream of in an asian ladyboy. Small delicate very feminine and a blessed with a cock as well to add to the mix. Her’s is a solo girl site and her tour is as enticing as it gets. This is one hot babe and she knows it and she is showing just enough to entrance and entice the lover of delicate asian ladyboys into her site. On the tour I noticed that she had a small bio page but even inside the member’s area I really saw no interraction between her and her members. Just a little online diary. Areeya is also a DJ so you music lovers will be entranced as well and the thai ladyboy is undeniably hot.
Let’s go inside shall we and see what this lovely little ladyboy has to offer!
Again let me say this is a new site and as with all new sites the contents are a little bare. However if you are taken with the girl in question being a member there would surely have it’s perks in getting the newest weekly updates fast.
I found the photo gallery first and there were about 20 photo sets each with 110 to 115 pictures in them. They are available in zip files and they are perfect crystal clear high res quality. Keeping in mind that her site is just beginning this seemed like a very good start to me for Areeya. Also please bear in mind there is no hardcore in these (not unusual for a solo ladyboy site). Each picture also bore a small watermark on it marring an otherwise flawless photo set of this gorgeous Thai ladyboy.
The movie section featured roughly the same number of movie sets available in windows very clear res and streaming windows still very good quality. This ladyboy is gorgeous and her special features and the fact she is hotter than hell really shine in these videos. She definitely kept me entranced the entire time. The videos are around 20 minutes in length each and very hot to watch!
Her site updates right around once a week so the content grows every week and in time I am sure she will have a premiere solo ladyboy site. For now it is a little sparse.


Areeya is indisputably hot and one of the better Thai ladyboys I have seen. Her site is not the easiest to navigate around in but with the small numbers of pictures and videos at present that poses no real problem. What she does have available is great content with great resolution and super playback and all exclusive. Updates to her growing site are regular.
Now for the drawbacks. Well, only 17 galleries is a minor drawback yes. There is a download limit as well of 3 Gigs a day on her content. There is also a small watermark present on all pictures and movies. There is DRM protection as well on all movies in the site. There is little real interraction with the model herself on the site. The closest I saw was the online diary.
You would have to judge for yourself on whether you felt this particular model worth the price of membership. I would say wholeheartedly yes, if there were more personal interraction between her and her members. I could even ignore the watermarks, DRM and download limits for that.

Areeya's World