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Long Mint

Long Mint When this page loaded I actually laughed out loud a little–the top graphic with Mint holding her big tranny cock at gunpoint is just too funny! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before…that shit is gangsta! The site looks like a quality site and is the personal site of popular Asian tranny Mint. If you don’t know who this babe is, you will by the time you check out the preview trailer and see the hot hardcore pics on the first page. The design is great and the images are high quality, and if you’re into trannies with really big dicks, Mint is the babe for you–she tops out at 9 thick inches!

I’ve seen this tranny babe on a few other sites, and she seems to be pretty popular, I would suppose largely because this tbabe is actually quite pretty, and with a cock like that and her willingness to use it to do “whatever” is sure to be a hit. This site of course capitalizes on Mint’s looks, but also on that willingness, and the preview video embedded into the first page shows you just how hardcore this tranny will get. Extremely hardcore, that’s how much, as you’ll see. Scroll on down and have a look at all the pictures, which (dammit) are not clickable but are exceptionally clear, and with the large main pic in the middle of each section you don’t necessarily need full-size thumbs to see what you’ll be getting here. Click the “next page” link at the bottom left to get to the second page of the tour. Here is more of the same quality content as the first page, with big images flanked by smaller thumbnail pics, all of them showing Mint in a sexy outfit and obviously having fun doing what she does. No hardcore, but you know from the preview trailer that hardcore is definitely not a problem for her. Third page, and the same design and content. If you are into ladyboys, then Mint is going to be near and dear to your heart, I imagine, and this vibrant and obviously very sexual tranny probably has tons of site members who are satisfied to pay the dues every month to remain members, no matter the price.


I like the site, and I like the model. She can get very hardcore, which is sure to please a portion of the ladyboy fans out there, but she is also very pretty and feminine (except for those meaty 9 inches, of course), and that’s certainly very pleasing as well. The content is high quality, and there’s a lot of it. If you’re a ladyboy fan, I suggest you give this site and this babe your attention. My verdict: Enjoy!

Long Mint


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